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Wednesday, April 30

From today's Police Blotter

There was no crime committed, so you won't see this in tomorrow's paper, but this story has got to be told:

An average, non-threatening person walks into Hannaford's on Weibel Avenue. She is 5-foot-3, and blond. Without saying anything to anyone, she walks up to a Citizen's Bank ATM, and connects a lap top to the machine. Nobody says anything...

An alarm goes off somewhere in the store, she disconnects the laptop and leaves. Apparently disappearing into the night. Now someone has noticed. Someone from the store calls police, who respond and immediately start looking for the woman. They can't find her, so they call other grocery stores and banks in the area to warn of the threat.

They keep searching, and eventually find the woman. She works for the company that maintains the ATMs and was performing routine maintenance. There was no money missing.

It's not clear why or what alarm when off, but it makes you wonder... if they didn't recognize this woman, why didn't they approach this woman before she left the store?


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